Pool water harbours dangerous bacteria, virus and ugly algae. it is essential that you stop these disease causing pathogens from building up in your pool even if it is only a small 8 foot diameter inflatable type.

This kit contains stabilised chlorine disinfectant to kill germs and algae (This is a special type of chlorine that stays in the water longer and is more effective) Plus Products to stabilise the ph of the water to improve the action of the chlorine, stop stinging eyes, reduce scaling in hard water areas, and reduce long term damage to pool  pumps,heaters & filters caused by very hard or very soft water. Algaecide to stop the pool turning green  and, test trips to test the water for the correct safe levels of the products.

Plus a  free non chlorine shock sample sachet  for clearing troublesome cloudy water!

Comes complete with full instructions & a spa care guide to help you get the most from your spa.

Perfect for both rigid and inflatable back garden pools up to 12 feet diameter (for larger 15 & 18 foot pools use our double size kit)

Buy from the Pool experts in confidence, knowing that we are on the end of the phone to help with any pool or spa care issues.

Product Includes...

    0.5kg stabilised chlorine granules - used to fight and control bacteria.
    0.5kg pH+ to raise pH levels if required.
    0.75kg pH- to lower pH levels if required.
    0.5L Algaecide
    Testing strips to test for the correct levels of chlorine and pool pH (you get 50 strips not the 25 offered in some kits).
    Full instructions and spa care guide.
    Free non chlorine shock cloudy water clearer sachet 
    Tough plastic bottles. with child resistant enclosures where necessary.
    Free Helpline

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Swimming pool water treatment kit (above ground pools)

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