• Panacea Hot Tub & spa surface  Cleaner Spray 750ml
Hot Tub Surface and cover cleaner highly effective for spas hot tubs etc.

This fantastic cleaner is specially formulated to be gentle on the spa surfaces and chrome plated plastic fittings, it is non caustic,
 contains no acids and is non abrasive so it will not dull the finish of your Hot Tub/Spa.

Available in...

750ml Spray foamer bottle 
750ml Spray foamer bottle with l litre concentrated refill (makes up to 4 litres)
750ml Spray foamer bottle with 5 litre concentrated refill (makes up to 20 litres)

Simply spray on and leave for 15 minutes then rinse off.

Lovely orange scent.
Anti bacterial formulation.
Cuts through grease and deposits, yet gentle on spa surfaces.
Non abrasive.
Non caustic.
Cleans spa covers as well.
Special foamer nozzle to help keep the cleaner on vertical surfaces.
Leaves surfaces clean and fresh.
Safe for use on aluminium, chrome and stainless steel fittings.
Compatible  with all spa wall types.
Special low foaming properties makes rinsing easier and reduces chances of foam upon re-filling
Stubborn stains may need further soaking\ reapplication plus rubbing with a cloth etc.
Thorough rinsing will be required to avoid foaming in the re-filled spa, this is harmless if it occurs and can be controlled with Panacea anti foam

As with all cleaners keep out of reach of children, avoid skin and eye contact.

Concentrated refill option offers great value for money as this can be diluted 4:1

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Panacea Hot Tub & spa surface Cleaner Spray 750ml

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